It was an honor to support our local food bank. The Idaho Foodbank distributes food to pantry partners statewide, and we are thrilled to donate two Linde MT12 Pallet Jacks to aid their operations.

Unfortunately, in Idaho, over 46,000 children face food insecurity, but with the Foodbank’s efforts, nutritious food reaches families in need. The article on their website states, "Map the Meal Gap found that in Idaho 220,990 people, or 11.4% of Idahoans, are food insecure. This is a significant increase from the 8.2% rate of food insecurity among Idahoans in last year’s Map the Meal Gap report. This year’s Map the Meal Gap report also found that 67,590 Idaho children, or 14.5%, are food insecure. This is also an increase from the 8.6% of food insecure Idaho children reported in last year’s Map the Meal Gap report."

We encourage you to help close the gap by volunteering your time, donating money or food items, shopping at local businesses that support the Foodbank, or starting your own initiative to support their mission.

Check out their website on all the ways you can make a difference:

We are thankful to have the opportunity to support The Idaho Foodbank and wholeheartedly back their remarkable efforts throughout our state.