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At On-Site Material Handling we supply Boise, Idaho and Eastern Oregon with both new and used forklifts, warehousing equipment, rentals, parts, and top- notch in-shop service, complete with mobile maintenance and repair options.

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In Boise, we offer new and used material handling equipment delivered right to you. Choose from flexible rental options—daily, weekly, or monthly, for short or long term needs.


Our Parts & Service department excels in fast repairs and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime. With mobile technicians for quick fixes and a comprehensive shop for full-service repairs, we prioritize getting you back to work swiftly.


Let us help you create your ideal warehouse setup, including loading dock equipment and pallet racking. Our mobile maintenance team ensures smooth operations, and we offer free site surveys to optimize your loading docks.

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"The relationships we have with our customers and vendors are key to our success. Our mission is to continue to build those relationships so On-Site Material Handling can foster and maintain our customer for life philosophy."

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On-Site Material Handling

On-Site Material Handling is Idaho's premier destination for Linde forklifts and material handling equipment. As the top-ranked Linde forklift dealership in the state, we provide a comprehensive range of new and used forklifts, along with top-tier service, parts, and rental options.

At On-Site Material Handling, we are dedicated to Keeping America Working by delivering efficient solutions and mobile services to meet the diverse needs of businesses across Idaho. Experience excellence in material handling with On-Site Material Handling - your trusted partner for productivity and performance.  

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