On behalf of the Holloway Holdings LLC. Management Team, we are pleased to announce that Jeremy Thompson has accepted the position of General Manager for On-Site Services. Jeremy's vast experience in large and small complex businesses and his commitment to the Industrial Equipment industry make him an ideal choice to further our mission and vision of growing this company and serving our community. 

Prior to his role as General Manager at On-Site Services, Jeremy worked nearly three decades in the Industrial Equipment industry as a Mechanic, Foreman, Service Manager, National Sales Director and more. As one of On-Site Services' first employees, his leadership has helped shape the company that we are today. 

Born in Grangeville, ID. Jeremy started his career in the military as a M1A1 Tank mechanic stationed in 29 Palms, CA, where he performed Westpac Operations and was the only mechanic for tanks for a 6-month tour. In 2001, Jeremy became a Forklift Field Technician for a small company out of Long Beach, CA. In 2002, he moved into the rental industry with Sunbelt Rentals as a shop and field technician performed repairs on multiple types of heavy industrial equipment. At Sunbelt Rentals, he met Eric Holloway. In 2003, he became a forklift technician for Dillion Toyota where he got his hands dirty in the material handling space. In 2004, he moved to H&E equipment as a Field Technician at a mine outside of Stanley, ID., where he gained experience working on everything from carry deck cranes to 90-ton lattice cranes and found his love for the "Field Life." At H&E he also managed and worked on heavy industrial equipment all over Idaho and Western Wyoming. In 2010, Jeremy re-connected with Eric Holloway and become his first employee of On-Site Services. After Jeremy joined On-Site Services he has held and trained new employees for almost every position that we currently have today. This is nothing short of amazing to work your way up through years of hard work and dedication.   


Our Core Values are: 

  • Pit Crew Mentality:  Teamwork – everyone has a role and a part to play. It’s important to focus on being good at your specific job and be ready to lend a hand to a teammate to keep the group working efficiently, effectively, and congenially.
  • We Wear Capes:  Going the extra mile – sometimes, to serve a customer or help a team member, we need to take an extraordinary action to get the job done. Being willing to take the initiative in those circumstances improves personal reputation, company image, and enhances team cohesion.
  • Willing to Get Our Hands Dirty:  The job is not beneath anyone – whether an apprentice or CEO, being willing to learn and do the work that looks like its “outside of the stated role” to support the team / company / customer is indicative of a high value, highly valued team member.


It is with great honor that we announce this promotion, and we look forward to working with Jeremy Thompson as the General Manager of On-Site Services. With Jeremy's commitment to growth and overall enthusiasm the next 12 months should be nothing short of spectacular. 


Swing for the fences!


Amanda R. Mumford

Chief Operating Officer