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All About Material Handling

Our Company's Core Focus is “Keep America Working”

OnSite Services is Idahos largest inventoried forklift dealership. We proudly offer Linde, Baoli, and Manitou forklifts for sale or rent. We also have Manitou telehandlers available for sale or rent from 5k capacity all the way up to Manitous “big boy” at 70k capacity!

OnSite Services is a supplier and installer of all things loading docks. We do new and existing construction, maintenance and repairs, and also offer free site surveys to ensure your loading docks are working for you and not against you. We do pit style and edge of dock levelers, dock seals, dock shelters, loading dock bumpers, vehicle and dock restraints, control panels, approach plates, wheel chocks, and led lights.


All About Material Handling

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, Linde Material Handling is a name you can rely on. In Europe, the company is the market leader with the Linde and Fenwick (France) brands. Since 2006, Linde has been part of the KION Group. The KION Group is the world's second-largest manufacturer of industrial trucks and one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for intralogistics.

Linde is a global premium brand and a technology leader that has many years’ experience of hydrostatic drive technology and meets customers’ highest requirements regarding technology, efficiency, functionality, and design. Their product portfolio ranges from warehouse trucks to heavy trucks and caters to all major application areas.

Linde develops high-performance solutions for intralogistics. The basis for this are electric and diesel forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, fleet management software, automation solutions, driver assistance systems, financing offers as well as services around the forklift truck and operator training. 


Linde for your performance

Linde Material Handling develops high-performance material flow solutions tailored to individual customer needs, with which users are able to achieve sustainable competitive advantages. The company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and has been setting standards for solutions for industrial trucks, fleet management, driver assistance systems, and service offerings for more than 50 years.


Efficient forklift trucks are the backbone of efficient intra-company logistics. Together with intelligent software and comprehensive service packages, operators achieve lasting competitive advantages.


The demands placed upon modern industrial trucks and their operators are continually increasing. The trucks have to transport ever-heavier loads, clear ever higher heights, and work faster, more flexibly, and more efficiently. As the demands increase, so does the risk of an accident. Forklifts and warehouse handling equipment from Linde, therefore, have numerous features as standard that increase both active and passive safety.


The best solutions arise when humans and technology work together in perfect harmony. The principle of ergonomic design therefore strongly informs Linde Material Handling’s development of trucks and services.