2021 Allied 1000c Skid-Pac

No longer available

2021 Allied 1000c Skid-Pac

$7,500 (USD)

Available quantity: 1

Boise, ID


The all-new extreme Skid-Pacs have taken the Ho-Pac vibratory compactor technology and put it into motion. Mounted on a skid-steer, the Model 1000 now travels quickly over soil in flatwork, delivers more impact energy, has an errorless four-function valve and maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication.

Changing from bucket to Skid-Pac in minutes eliminates the need for a special purpose machine, like a walk-behind plate compactor or ride-on roller on the jobsite. Working where heavy rollers can’t, Skid-Pac compactor/drivers reduce labor costs and increase productivity by allowing the contractor to do more types of work with a single machine.

The Skid-Pac is ideal for:

  • Concrete contractors preparing street, driveway or sidewalk sub-bases prior to concrete paving
  • Grading contractors for backfilling against curbs, gutters, highway pavement and concrete slabs
  • Landscaping contractors for smoothing, leveling and compacting sub-soil to prepare for sodding or seeding
  • General contractors for compacting crushed rock at commercial, industrial and institutional construction jobs
  • Municipalities on jobs such as asphalt patchwork repairs


Model1000c Skid-Pac