Welding Services

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Discover the comprehensive range of welding services we offer, tailored to meet your every need. Whether you require custom fabrication, meticulous repairs, or innovative solutions, our team has the expertise to deliver exceptional results. With a dedicated focus on excellence and a commitment to craftsmanship, we guarantee satisfaction with every project. Trust us to bring your unique vision to life with precision and creativity.

Meet Brandon

Brandon Abbott is our seasoned Certified Lead Welder with a rich and varied background in heavy equipment, fabrication, and welding. His journey began as a service technician for a fleet of 35 machines, where he honed his skills and ventured into the world of welding, initially self-teaching stick welding. His expertise expanded into sanitary TIG welding and factory mechanics in Alaska, gaining invaluable experience at an Alaskan Food Processing Plant. Brandon's repertoire included welding everything from sanitary piping to driven piles, constructing conveyors, and hydraulic systems, serving a diverse array of customer factory buildings. 

Transitioning to the Boiler Maker Union in Seattle, WA, Brandon spent eight years building maritime deck equipment, such as tugboat winches and large barge winches. During this period, he mastered the interpretation of complex fabrication and machining blueprints, learning professional fabrication techniques from seasoned mentors in the field, and working with steel up to 8 inches thick. 

Simultaneously, Brandon ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a mobile welding company to support a local fencing company, eventually expanding into trench safety, specializing in trench box construction and repairs. He later contributed his expertise to the Kenworth assembly plant, where he undertook diverse responsibilities including repairing underground conveyors, paint robots, filling and vacuum systems, and fabricating proprietary factory equipment.